Fire Resistant Calcium Silicate Board: All You Need To Know

26 Dec, 2022

Calcium silicate board products provide superior insulation and fire protection for many different applications to protect lives and assets. At the same time, they can reduce CO2 emissions as well as save space and energy.


What Is Calcium Silicate Board?

This calcium silicate board is mainly made of flame-resistant materials: pure quartz, slaked lime, silicate cement, cellulose, and mineral additives. And the fire rated calcium silicate board can easily pass 4 hours of fire-rating time with heat resistance up to 1200℃.


As a new green building material, the compressed calcium silicate board not only has the function of traditional gypsum board but also has superior performance and long service life.


  • * 100% asbestos-free, unaffected by sunlight or steam
  • * Strong resistance to attack by termites and other pests
  • * Sound absorption, creating a quiet and good environment
  • * Low thermal conductivity, saving the costs of air conditioning/heating
  • * Waterproof, moisture-proof, will not rot or support fungal growth
  • * The fire resistant calcium silicate board is fireproof, thermally isolated with good thermal resistance
  • * The lightweight calcium silicate board is low-density, lighter, and easier to install
  • * Durable, high strength, impact resistance to ensure safety, suitable for calcium silicate board partition


fire rated calcium silicate board

Fire Rated Calcium Silicate Board


Types Of The Calcium Silicate Board


Calcium silicate board for decoration

As a new high-performance construction and industrial panel, a decorative calcium silicate board is ideal for ceilings and partition panels. With good moisture resistance, it can maintain stable properties in places with high humidity, such as laundry rooms. Also, it does not swell or shapes and is 3 ~ 5 times more durable than other materials. They are widely used as the calcium silicate ceiling board, external calcium silicate board, fibre reinforced calcium silicate board, etc.


Fire resistant calcium silicate board

This calcium silicate material, also known as fire rated calcium silicate board, holds its structural stability even when exposed to heat and fire. The fire resistant calcium silicate board is an extremely reliable and efficient barrier to heat, fire, smoke, or gas that will save lives and assets in a fire. Of course, they are versatile and can also be used in wet areas (or can be customized to meet your needs).


Heat insulation calcium silicate board

The heat insulation calcium silicate board consists of microporous calcium silicate, which is a new white, robust insulation material. They are robust and easy to process, typically withstand temperatures up to 1100°C.


With excellent thermal and mechanical properties, they maintain their structural integrity even in extreme environments. Therefore, The heat insulation calcium silicate board is widely used for electric power, metallurgy, the petrochemical industry, construction, ships, and other equipment fields of pipe, wall, roof, and fire insulation.


external calcium silicate board

External Calcium Silicate Board


What Are Fire Resistant Calcium Silicate Boards Mainly Used For?

The calcium silicate board is an excellent alternative to gypsum board and asbestos fiber cement board for civil and industrial areas, such as office buildings, hotels, hospitals, factories, schools, villas, cafes, and all kinds of buildings.


Home decoration

  • * Lining boards for furniture
  • * Backing boards for floor and wall tiles
  • * Switchgear and transformer partitions
  • * Interior partitions, interior walls, ceilings
  • * Exterior wall cladding, composite wall panels
  • * Roofing underlayment, sub-roofing panels, acoustic ceiling, etc.


Other applications

  • * Thermal insulation panels
  • * Shed panels for warehouses
  • * Outdoor advertising boards
  • * For decorative applications
  • * Fire protection solutions for buildings, etc.



The calcium silicate board is versatile and can be combined with other building materials to create a professional engineering solution. Are you seeking expert advice and services for each stage of your project?


New Element is an experienced calcium silicate board manufacturer & supplier in China. With our state-of-art fireproof calcium silicate board production line, we can offer top-quality wholesale calcium silicate board and calcium silicate board for sale at affordable prices. Please feel free to contact us at for further information!

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