Enhancing Fire Safety with Fire-rated Calcium Silicate Boards

12 Jan, 2024

As we all know, fire safety is a critical aspect of building design and construction. Fires can result in catastrophic consequences, leading to loss of life, property damage, and financial burdens. Therefore, choosing the right fire-rated ductwork material and implementing effective fire protection measures is essential to mitigate risks and ensure the safety of occupants.


Fire-rated calcium silicate boards are engineered to withstand high temperatures and provide passive fire protection in various applications. These boards are composed of fireproof materials such as pure quartz, quick lime, Portland cement, cellulose, and mineral additives. They are designed to inhibit the spread of fire and withstand intense heat, making them indispensable in fire-rated construction projects.

Fire-rated Calcium Silicate Boards



Properties of Fire-rated Calcium Silicate Boards

High-temperature Resistance

Fire-rated calcium silicate boards boast exceptional heat resistance, withstanding temperatures up to 1200℃. Such resilience ensures robust protection against fire hazards, making it an ideal choice for some high-risk environments where exposure to high temperatures is inevitable, such as fire-rated ductwork systems, fire barriers, and tunnel linings. By withstanding extreme heat, these boards help maintain structural integrity and prevent fire propagation.


Low Thermal Conductivity

One of the key advantages of fire-rated calcium silicate boards is their low thermal conductivity. This characteristic minimizes heat transfer through building assemblies, resulting in energy savings and improved thermal performance. Especially in ductwork systems, fire-rated calcium silicate boards reduce heat loss during air distribution, enhancing the efficiency of HVAC systems and lowering energy consumption and operational costs.


Non-combustible Nature

Fire-rated calcium silicate boards are classified as non-combustible materials that do not contribute to the spread of fire. Complying with stringent non-combustibility standards affirms its ability to resist ignition and inhibit the propagation of flames, smoke, and toxic gases. This inherent fire resistance contains fire incidents and facilitates safe evacuation, delivering high reliability in mitigating fire risks within ductwork systems.



Applications of Fire-rated Calcium Silicate Boards

Ventilation Ducting Systems

Fire-rated calcium silicate boards are extensively used in ductwork systems to enhance fire safety. These boards line the interior of ventilation ducts, providing uninterrupted airflow and a protective barrier that prevents the spread of fire and smoke. By containing fire within ductwork systems, these boards ensure the integrity of ventilation networks and minimize the risk of fire-related hazards.


Glass Curtain Wall Fire Protection

Glass curtain walls are popular architectural features that require adequate fire protection measures. Fire-rated calcium silicate boards are utilized in these systems to provide fire resistance and containment. By incorporating fire-rated boards into curtain wall assemblies, buildings can meet fire safety regulations and protect occupants in the event of a fire outbreak.


Indoor Partition & Ceiling

In interior applications, fire-rated calcium silicate boards are used to create fire-resistant partitions and ceilings. These boards act as barriers that compartmentalize spaces, preventing fires from spreading from one area to another. Additionally, fire-rated boards installed in ceilings provide overhead protection, limiting the vertical spread of fire and smoke within a building.


Smoke Ducting & Curtains

Fire-rated ductwork materials, including smoke ducting and curtains, play a crucial role in smoke control systems. They are employed to construct smoke barriers that contain and control the movement of smoke during a fire incident. By confining smoke to designated areas, fire-rated calcium silicate boards prevent the collapse of ductwork systems, facilitating safe egress routes for occupants and aiding firefighting efforts.


Tunnel Fire Protection

Tunnels present unique fire safety challenges due to limited ventilation and egress options. Fire-rated calcium silicate boards are installed on the interior surfaces of tunnels as tunnel linings to prevent the spread of fire and heat. Its ability to withstand extreme temperatures and structural loads enhances the resilience of tunnel infrastructure, ensuring the safety of passengers and emergency responders in the event of a fire emergency.


Fire Rated Ductwork Systems

Fire Rated Ductwork Systems


Benefits and Advantages

Ensuring Long-term Fire Protection

Fire-rated calcium silicate boards exhibit excellent durability, withstanding harsh environmental factors such as moisture, humidity, and mechanical stress. Unlike traditional building materials, these boards do not degrade or deteriorate easily, making them a sustainable investment for ductwork systems requiring dependable fire protection measures.


Streamlining Construction Processes

Fire-rated calcium silicate boards are lightweight and easy to install, making them ideal for construction projects that require efficient installation processes. Their manageable size and weight facilitate quick and hassle-free installation, reducing labor costs and construction timelines. Whether used in new construction or renovation projects, these boards streamline the construction process and minimize disruptions.


Adaptable to Various Architectural Designs and Needs

One of the notable benefits of using fire-rated calcium silicate boards is their versatility in application. These boards can be tailored to suit various architectural designs and project requirements, accommodating diverse construction needs. Whether used in residential, commercial, or industrial settings, fire-rated boards offer flexibility and adaptability, enhancing their appeal to architects, contractors, and building owners.



In a word, fire-rated calcium silicate boards offer a comprehensive solution for enhancing fire safety in construction projects. By incorporating these high-performance fire-rated ductwork materials into building designs, stakeholders can create safer environments that prioritize the well-being and safety of occupants. Please feel free to contact New Element at for more reliable fire protection solutions for fire-rated ductwork systems!

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