Project Sharing:China Taihu Tunnel

27 Apr, 2022


Tunnel Fireproof Protection
(Changzhou Wuxi section of Suzhou Wuxi Changzhou Southern Expressway)
Product : New Element Calcium Silicate Board - Protectpan 24mm
Quantity : 113000 square meters
Application position: tunnel top fire protection


Taihu tunnel is an underwater tunnel of Changzhou Wuxi section of Suzhou Wuxi Changzhou expressway, with a total length of 10.79 km, including 10 km of buried section. It is the longest and widest underwater tunnel under construction in China. It is located in southern Jiangsu of the Yangtze River economic development area in China, and the surrounding tourism resources are really rich.

Since January 9, 2018, Taihu tunnel has entered the full-scale construction stage. The cross section adopts the structural form of "two caves and one gallery". The full width of the main body of the tunnel is 43.6m, the net width of a single hole of traffic holes on both sides is 17.45m, and the design speed can be up to 100km per hour.

New Element Protectpan is a new type of fire-proof inorganic board with low density, high strength and passive fire prevention. It has the advantages of environmental protection, non combustion, moisture resistance, weather resistance, non-toxic smoke and toxic gas in case of catching fire; Fully meet international ISO1182, BS476, China national GB8624-2012, GB28376-2012 and other relevant standards.


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