What is Calcium Silicate Board Used For?

26 Jun, 2023

Calcium silicate board is a versatile building material that finds extensive use in a wide range of applications. With its exceptional properties and durability, the calcium silicate board has become a preferred choice for architects, engineers, and builders. In this article, we will explore the diverse usages of calcium silicate board and understand why it has gained prominence in the construction industry.


Residential Applications

Insulation and Fire Protection

One of the primary uses of calcium silicate board is in residential spaces, where it is widely employed for insulation and fire protection purposes. Due to its non-combustible nature and low thermal conductivity, the calcium silicate board effectively minimizes heat transfer.


In other words, acting as a fire barrier, the calcium silicate board can delay the spread of flames and provide valuable time for evacuation in case of an emergency. This makes it a crucial component in creating fire-rated walls and partitions, enhancing the fire safety standards of residential buildings.


Calcium Silicate Board

Calcium Silicate Board


Wall Cladding and Partition

The calcium silicate board is ideal for both indoor and outdoor application scenarios. With its ability to resist moisture and withstand harsh weather conditions, the calcium silicate board for wall cladding provides an excellent protective layer for exterior walls. As a shield against rain, wind, and temperature fluctuations, the calcium silicate board ensures the longevity of the underlying structure.


Meanwhile, the sound-absorbing properties of the calcium silicate board contribute to acoustic comfort by reducing noise transmission between different spaces. Moreover, its fire-resistant properties add an extra layer of safety to residential buildings. Thus, homeowners or designers can achieve both aesthetic appeal and functional benefits by using the calcium silicate board as the partition.


Flooring and Ceiling

Calcium silicate board is commonly used for constructing flooring and ceiling in residential settings. Its high strength and durability allow for the creation of sturdy and long-lasting structures. And the calcium silicate board is easy to install for being lightweight, reducing construction labor and time required.


Also, calcium silicate board is an outstanding underlayment material in flooring applications. It provides a stable and level surface for installing various floor coverings, such as tiles, hardwood, or laminate. Additionally, its moisture resistance properties make it suitable for areas prone to dampness, such as basements or bathrooms.


Commercial Applications

HVAC Systems and Ductwork

Calcium silicate board is also a popular option in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. It helps prevent significant heat loss or gain, ensuring energy efficiency and maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures. Its low thermal conductivity aids in reducing energy consumption and operating costs.


And when it comes to ductwork installations, another reason for choosing calcium silicate board is excellent soundproofing. It effectively absorbs and dampens noise generated by HVAC systems, minimizing sound transmission and creating a quieter and more peaceful environment.


In particular, the Cherrypan from New Element, together with our self-developed sound insulation wall system, the Sound Insulation Index (a coefficient used to measure the sound insulation level of building components, the higher the value, the better the sound insulation effect), can be as high as 60dB. While five-star hotel rooms require a sound insulation index of about 45 dB. Therefore, the calcium silicate board is suitable for many places with high privacy requirements.



Office Buildings

The versatility of the calcium silicate board gives endless possibilities for sleek and modern interior designs, including partition walls, false ceilings, decorative finishes, etc. This durable building material ensures long-lasting performance, even in high-traffic areas such as lobbies, hallways, conference rooms, and other areas. Furthermore, low maintenance requirements make it a cost-effective solution for commercial spaces.


Hotels and Hospitality

The hospitality industry also benefits from the use of calcium silicate board - it can be employed for wall partitions, decorative elements, and furniture components. This board is resistant to mold, mildew, and humidity, making it suitable for bathrooms, swimming pool enclosures, and other moisture-prone areas. In addition, its high fire resistance contributes to the overall safety of hotels and other hospitality establishments.


Retail Spaces

In retail environments, the calcium silicate board can be seamlessly incorporated into the design of display fixtures to offer both functionality and aesthetics, even with heavy foot traffic and frequent handling of merchandise. On the one hand, with its ability to resist impacts, the calcium silicate board ensures that display units remain sturdy, even when subjected to frequent handling or accidental bumps. On the other hand, its smooth surface allows for easy application of paints, wallpapers, or decorative finishes, providing an opportunity to create unique and captivating visual displays.



Calcium silicate board is an all-round construction material from residential homes to commercial buildings. And as the demand for reliable and versatile building materials continues to grow, calcium silicate board remains a valuable choice across different sectors. Looking for top-notch calcium silicate boards for your next projects? Please feel free to contact us at for more details!

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