Project Sharing: Foshan,Guangdong province, China Metro Line 2

27 Apr, 2022

As the first subway line independently planned, constructed and operated by Foshan, the phase I project of Foshan Metro Line 2 began in 2014 and was officially put into operation by the end of 2021. It carries the ardent expectations of Foshan citizens for seven years, which will effectively alleviate the traffic pressure in the central area of Foshan, bring great convenience to Guangfo citizens and connect with the new life in the bay area.


Project Name: Foshan Metro Line 2

(From Nanzhuang Station to Guangzhou South Station)

Product: New Element fireproof calcium silicate board- Protectpan 9mm

Quantity: about 35000 square meters


Product application: 2-hour smoke control duct

New Element as a calcium silicate board manufacturer, dedicate in Foshan, Guangdong Province's Urban Construction. For the Construction Party of subway project, the smoke control and exhaust design in subway station is particularly important.


The phase I project of Foshan Metro Line 2 selects the new element 9mm thick glass special fireproof board, which belongs to the national A1 non combustible inorganic material, has strong fire and flame retardant function, and can meet the protection requirements of smoke control duct with fire resistance limit of more than 2 hours inside the metro.


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