Fiber Cement Board Applications in Construction Projects

31 Jan, 2023

As an alternative to non-asbestos cement-based reinforced building materials, fiber cement board is sustainable and dependable. It is attractive for building your dream home or other construction projects. What are fiber cement board applications? Read on to learn more about fiber cement board usage.


Fiber Cement Board for Ceiling

The ceiling fiber cement board usually comes in two forms - panels/sheets and tiles, with different textured finishes. You can use ceiling fiber cement board for traditional ceilings. And for projects with special requirements for acoustic properties, such as auditoriums, lobbies, shared workspaces, hospitals, shopping malls, theaters, etc., you can use a grid design. The ceiling fiber cement tile is an excellent option for the grid pattern of fiber cement board ceilings.


Fiber Cement Board Wall Cladding

Cladding fiber cement panels based on cement fibers are available in board form in various sizes, usually with a thickness of about 8 mm. The cladding fiber cement board can be easily fixed to steel, cement, or wood substrates by means of screws or adhesives. The use scope of the fiber cement board wall cladding varies depending on the application, such as facades, doors, halls, exterior walls, etc.


cladding fiber cement board

cladding fiber cement board


Cement Fiber Board for Flooring

The fiber cement board flooring can withstand high pressure in high-traffic areas. Therefore, cement fiber board for flooring can be used as the final finished flooring, as well as in both conventional and laminated flooring. Sandwich floors for industrial use are also often made of cement fiber board.


Fiber Cement Board Partition

Fiber cement-based wall partitioning solutions are best suited for high-speed construction projects. The fiber cement board partition is lighter, easier to build, and eliminates the "curing time" associated with brick-and-mortar construction. And siding fiber cement board is ideal for non-load bearing wall construction, which is more durable than gypsum drywall systems. Also, the water resistant fiber cement board is the most suitable for use in wet areas.


Covering For Fire Rated Ductwork Systems

This is one of the best ways to utilize fiber cement board because it adds aesthetic appeal to the building's facade while being used as a casing for fireproof ductwork. In this case, cement panel fiber board for fire rated ductwork would have different types of finishing options, such as painted or textured tile/cladding. In addition, laser or waterjet cutting can also be used to enhance the exterior view of the cement panel fiber board.


Fire Rated Ductwork Systems

Fire Rated Ductwork Systems


Fiber Cement Board for Roofing

Due to the thermal and waterproof properties of fiber cement board, you can use it as a bedding layer for assembled roofing projects or with roof tiles and shingles. This will provide a good uniform appearance to the roof from the inside and excellent support for the roofing material. As it works with all the properties of the ceiling, in many cases, this avoids installing a false ceiling under the roof.



In addition to the decking fiber cement board uses listed above, it has many other applications. The manufacture and consumption of backer fiber cement boards continue to grow worldwide, both for commercial and residential use.


Are you looking for a reliable fiber cement board for your construction project? New Element can help you! Please feel free to contact us at for more details about affordable, top-quality fiber cement boards!

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