Through-Colored Decoration Board

Wonderpan【Pure】Space White

Model: Wonderpan- Pure- Space White

It can be applied to exterior or interior decoration wall of buildings, bringing different definitions to life.


Product parameter


Length Width Thickness
2440mm 1220mm 8mm


Fiber cement board



Water absorption


Wet swelling rate


Impact strength


Saturated flexural strength



EN13501 Class A

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It can be applied to exterior or interior decoration wall of buildings.
Non-combustible (EN13501) to ensure safety
Water-proof and moisture-proof, dirt-resistant and easy to clean
Weather resistance and frost resistance, more acid and alkali resistance

Packing Detail:
Wooden Pallet
Waterproof Plastic Bag + Packing tape

This fiber cement board batten comes with grooving designs. The cement fiber board and batten siding are great for interior decoration wall of buildings. It is widely used in commercial, entertainment and sports construction, such as the popular Internet celebrity shops, catering shops, clothing stores, milk tea shops, gyms and other shops for decoration. Home improvement, living room background walls, wall skirting panels, creative walls are popular options as well.


cement fiber board and batten siding

fiber cement board battenFiber Cement Board Colorsfiber cement board price

Performance selling point

Waterproof, non-combustible, weather resistant and frost resistant

Flexible indoor and outdoor assembly

Adjustable Slotting

Moisture-proof and paint-free; Easily install and move in

The following pictures are conceptual drawings for references


cement fiber board and batten sidingfiber cement board battenfiber cement board usesfiber cement board siding panels



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